Course Description

Are you ready to fall back in love with your life?

Are you ready to allow yourself ultimate pleasure inside the bedroom?

Are you ready to completely embrace all your amazing relationships?

This course will awaken you to the past beliefs that are keeping you trapped when it comes to receiving love, when it comes to receiving pleasure and when it comes to experiencing amazing relationships.

Choose in today and know that you are a powerful sister who is meant to receive love, experience connected sex and flourish in all your relationships.

Course creator and lover

Cameo Haag

Hello, my name is Cameo Haag. I am a mother of 3, a homeschooler of 2, a wife of 16 years to just one and for years I experienced intense emotional pain when it came to love, when it came to relationships and definitely when it came to sex. I felt alone, frustrated, sad and absolutely depleted. I knew there was so much more to be experienced inside my love, inside my relationships and inside my sex. I longed to feel passion, pleasure, acceptance and understanding. I decided that I was no longer going to stay trapped inside my unspoken words. I found that by opening up and speaking my truth when it comes to my wants, desires and emotional needs I have become liberated. It is not always cupcake and rainbows but it feels so much better than staying in the darkness hoping no one will see me. Choose today to take part in this course and decide that your pleasure matters.Your passions matter!Your happiness matters!Your relationships matter!Your divine feminine truth matters!You MATTER!SIGN UP TODAY!!!!!!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Is your wounded inner child running your love life?

    • Stop beliving that there is something wrong with you.

    • We can only love as deeply as we love and accept ourselves.

    • Owning, loving and embracing our physical body!

  • 2


    • Are your old emotional wounds being activated during sex?

    • How to heal from sexual trauma.

    • What are your core beliefs about sex and where did they come from?

    • 5 steps to heal your sexual soul.

    • A free woman in the bedroom is a free woman in life!

  • 3


    • Is is possible that we experience relationships the way we experienced our childhood?

    • The walls we build around our heart.

    • Learning to love with no expectation.

    • You are a divine feminine goddess who deserves to have amazing relationships!

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